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              Wele to the lake!

              Can you feel the sense of relaxation and enjoyment that es from parking your RV and having the day to your leisure? Situated on Anchor Bay with access to Lake St. Clair, Northpointe Shores RV Resort will offer you a first-rate RVing experience in a setting sure to create amazing memories for years to e.

              RESERVE YOUR SITE

              Your summertime retreat in St. Clair County

              Northpointe Shores RV Resort is a quiet, upscale adult resort on the shores of Anchor Bay in Ira Township, Michigan. Conveniently located just two miles from New Baltimore, you’ll find fantastic shopping, dining and entertainment.

              A boat launch with transient wells is available adjacent to the resort, bining your favorite activities—RVing and boating—in one great destination! Our resort has 34 paved sites, all with full hookup available for daily, weekly or monthly stays.

              One stay will make you a believer

              We want to thank the owners, managers and people of Michigan for their great help and hospitality while my wife (nurse) worked in Detroit and I worked from the RV. This is a great place and great staff. Thank you so much for allowing us to stay there. It was beautiful, safe and friendly. Will be back and remend to our friends.—Pat & Tracy— We only stayed one night but really enjoyed our stay. The RV resort is very clean and well kept with a great view of Anchor Bay. The large level concrete sites are easy to land your rig on. The washrooms are the best we have ever seen.
              We will definitely be back to your resort again in the future.
              —John— Heading back for a second visit this summer. We are thrilled we were able to get a spot ... really nice destination â€?outstanding location, staff and sites.—Rick S.— Thanks for creating a wonderful park. We really enjoyed our stay here!—The Lathrops— My husband and I spent three nights at Northpointe Shores. We absolutely loved it. Watching the sun rise above Lake St. Clair while sitting around your blazing fire pit was one of our favorite things about our stay. We were also impressed by the view of the lake and the cleanliness of the park. When I made the reservation over the phone the receptionist was helpful and pleasant. We were born and raised in Michigan but have been residents of California for over 40 years. It always feels good to e home. We e back at least once every year. This will be a spot we will return to. Thank you for such a nice stay!—Richard and Martha—

              Northpointe Shores RV Resort

              10413 Dixie Highway
              Ira Township, Michigan 48023

              RESERVE YOUR SITE

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